Handicrafts vs Machine Made Products- An overview

Handicrafts are good in every aspect and there is no contradiction to this statement. As far as the handicrafts are concerned, people from all walks of life admire the beauty of it and feel like bagging a few to add to their lives or to give happiness to loved ones in the form of gifts. 

But in this world full of mass production, industrialization, and what not, people are more inclined towards foreign goods. Everything which is “Made in India” is getting replaced with imported things from outside. In this situation, the handicraft industry is struggling to survive. In order to start thriving again, it needs attention from its own people, the countrymen of India. One of the major reasons behind the downfall of this sector is the negligence and if a thoughtful evaluation is done, handicrafts are capable enough of fighting against all odds.

We believe that a bit of sensitization and awareness can do miracles. In fact, now the sensible people, elite class, business giants are coming forward and opting for handicrafts over machine made products for the purpose of gifting and décor. There are a lot of reasons behind this transition and that’s what we are discussing in this post. 

Handicraft is Better Than Machine Craft

A machine free product, hand-made with love

The most important benefit of using handicrafts for various purposes is that it is not made with machines in a mass production setting but it is uniquely and exclusively made, one at a time, by the hands of the artisans and craftsman. However, simple tools are definitely used for the obvious reasons but what we are trying to say here is the handicrafts are not something which is produced in a quantity of 1000 at a time.

Ensuring no damage to the environment

The handicrafts, and the techniques used to make these handicrafts emanates from the medieval times when a lot of emphases was laid on preserving nature. Sustainable utilization of resources, usage of eco-friendly raw material, minimal wastage, no damage to nature policy, etc. are the key features that make the handicrafts an eco-friendly option. Nonetheless, the fact that factories are the biggest reasons for increasing pollution levels contributing tonnes to environmental damage is a point of consideration and doing rounds in the media and education system for a long time now.

The uniqueness of each product- Epitome of expertise

Each piece holds an intrinsic value and is close to the heart of the artiste. The beauty of these handicrafts lies in their uniqueness and each piece is one of its kinds because the artist himself cannot exactly replicate and imitate two of his artworks. Regardless, a similar line of products is inevitably created facilitating the availability of symmetrical options.  Unlike the machine made products which are exact true copies with similarity in even the minuscule details, the handicrafts yet have something or other different things to offer. So for all those who love to hoard distinctive and remarkable things, they know exactly what to get their hands on.

An outcome of patience and time

The manually built handicrafts require a significant amount of time to be invested by the maker. Like thousands of others, it’s not the product made by the machine. The simple logic behind this is that these artisans try their best to imbue every piece with a significance which is nonpareil. What adds more meaning to the handmade products is that someone has put so much time and efforts for you and the value of time is indispensable as it’s a precious resource. As a buyer, you will value it too when you see its grandeur and this is something you are going to cherish forever.

Built from the scratch

Each handicraft involves an intricate procedure which gives alluring form to it starting right from scratch. The artisans have their own process of creating things and they pursue things in the set prescribed manner only. They get inspired by anything and everything present in their surroundings and depict its essence on their artworks. You don’t find that zeal or ecstasy in mass-produced items which you may find in the Handicrafts. It’s like the handicrafts emit a whole lot better energy.


Built from Scratch with patience and Quality


Quality is the first priority

It is a thing with most of the machine made products that it tends to lose its charm really soon and it is such a disheartening sight to see the things fade, be broken, or becoming obsolete. For instance, trinkets or cheap jewellery tends to look discoloured and sometimes, after wearing them for a few hours, it also gives serious skin reactions like rashes. But when it comes to Handicrafts, starting right from the raw material to the end products, everything is prismatic to the finest quality.  Behind the masterpiece is the hard work and artistry of one individual person and not the huge factory. So it is ensured that whatever handmade product you’re buying, it is coming right out of an exceptionally good place ready to add value to your life. 

After all, who doesn’t love exclusive things made just for us? Handicraft is one such thing. It is an outcome of unparalleled skill and efforts on the part of artisans. Handicrafts are available in the most vivid variety, suitable to be used for an array of occasions and capable enough of beating the competition. It’s just that we as the responsible citizens must begin to promote and propagate the idea of preferring handicraft over machine made products to the maximum extent.

By doing this, one can prove that the uniqueness of the handicraft is all worth it and in India; there is still a keen eye for majestic artworks. India was home for art and artisans and let us take forward this legacy till eternity to keep the traditions alive!