A frequently featuring emissary of India’s cultural diversity is the vibrantly colorful art culture of Rajasthan. The diversity of Rajasthan’s art culture owes its existence and inspirations to the continued traditions from the past. The artisanship here is undisturbed by newer influences from globalization despite the fact that the nascent concepts, innovations, and creativity, are always whole heartedly welcomed here. But we still believe in keeping the spirits of our ancestral intellectual property alive and live by the traditions of the bygone era.

Initiated as a thing of utility, these handicrafts have now taken the form of luxury with their antique appeal. These handicrafts were a perfect example of “Utility is the mother of inventions” which got transformed with the passage of time. Innovation and inventions led to techniques and creativity, which gave another beautiful face and phase to the handicraft world. Novel commodities took birth on a regular basis and now, these commodities are aka the vintage and classic handicrafts from the past. Everything had a specific use associated with it to add value to life and now, it has evolved as keepsakes, gifts, decorative, and what not!

We boast of taking forward the authentic, original, raw Rajasthan to the generations to come in order to bridge the gap between the old and the new.  If you see the intricacies of Rajasthani handicraft designs, it should come as no surprise that the design of these handicrafts exhibit the self-reflexivity of the culture in terms of richness, to say the least. The handicrafts from our collection amply elucidate the striking features of Rajasthani designs that set them apart from the other usual designs. We have curated an array of exquisite, authentic handcraft wonders from the land of Rajasthan for you to explore and add to your lovely homes.  We have handpicked the best handicraft ensemble for you. The wide range of handicrafts can be categorized on the following grounds which can be used for various intents and purposes. Drum roll, please!

  • Textile inclusive of Gota Patti, bandhni, leheriya etc.
  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Carpets & Durries
  • Blue Pottery
  • Lac work
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Paper Mache handicrafts
  • Rajasthan Quilts
  • Mojaris/Jutis
  • Marble Crafts
  • Ivory
  • Rajasthani Paintings
  • Kundan and meena work handicrafts
  • Jute handicrafts
  • Leather handicrafts

And many more handmade crafts to adorn your homes and offices with. These signature handicrafts are an outcome of labor and creativity of traditional craftsman, portraying folk life of the ancient times in some and depicting the royal Raj Wada culture in others, brimming with sentiments, full of sharp bright shining colors possessing their own form and style, with a vast perspective of nature.

But it is sad to say that if not enough initiatives are taken, this alluring world of Rajasthani handicrafts will die a slow death in this competitive world of commercialization, globalization, and foreign goods. However, it will always hold a special place in the golden pages of history, but we believe that art should not just be a fairytale to tell but tangibly available in the modern world for the generations to come and experience. We did our bit by providing a platform to it on the World Wide Web and we promise to cross all the possible distances to keep them going for the coming times. Now it’s your turn to support and keep the hope and this whole industry alive. Otherwise, these artisans will be forced by the laws of nature to bury their traditional heritage of handicraft making and indulge in some petty jobs to earn their livelihoods.

This energetic and vivacious state of Rajasthan is filled with tremendous area for handicrafts and awesome individuals who give form to it.  Rajasthan brilliantly holds in its repertoire the treasure of mind blowing creativity and craftsmanship for the world out there. Just like the appeasement through the hospitality, we reflect mesmerizing artisanship through the handicrafts, made with love!